Final cut of the “Foul-Mouthed Amon” parody/mashup trailer!


Mashup of some of Steve Blum’s dialogue from “Bulletstorm” with footage of Amon. This video is parody only and does not accurately reflect either IP (that’s the joke!)

…am I kicked out of the fandom?

Bumping this up in honour of meeting Mr. Blum in person…




Steve Blum, being the stellar guy that he is, is raising money for the ASPCA by participating in the LA Rock & Roll Half Marathon. (Donate here!) For people who donate $100+, he’s offering a 20-second voice recording as a character of their choosing.

As cheesy as it might be, I couldn’t resist asking him to read a line of Amon’s dialogue from my Amorra fanfic, The Cave:

"I am accustomed to emotionally distancing myself from my past, using it to fuel my resolve rather than weigh me down. But there is one memory I cannot shake. It is on my mind since its inception, always, distracting me and agitating me. I am here to address it."

-The Cave, Chapter 7

Being the good sport that he is, he not only read it, but did an amazing job. I thought I’d share it here in case anyone else might like to hear it.

You are a stand up fellow and an excellent sport, Mr. Blum. I have no words for how much this means to me. <3 Donation is usually its own reward, but this…I can only GIF it:


Note: this recording is not in any way affiliated with Nick and is for charity & fangirl purposes only.

Think it’s relevant to bump this up.